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Monitoring social impact How does business measure up?

Reduce risk, enhance competitive advantage and engage a wider stakeholder base

Discover how monitoring your social impact more effectively will provide you with a competitive edge and build trust

  • Create an innovative, profitable strategy that will keep you compliant and provide you with a real competitive advantage
  • Get practicable insight and a cross-industry perspective: unlike other reports on monitoring social impact, this intelligence briefing contains exclusive contains case studies from industry experts at AkzoNobel, Aviva, UNICEF, PwC and more
  • How to make it work for your business: practical advice and actionable insight on overcoming the difficulties inherent to measuring social impact
  • Find out why some companies are struggling and provide yourself with the greatest chance of success in developing a way of meaningfully measuring social impact
  • Proven ideas and strategies to take to your board and peers: benefit from additional expert insight from a range of stakeholders, including corporate professionals, consultants, academics, and policymakers.

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Sample analysis pages - Full contents breakdown - Executive summary

What you will receive

  • Intelligence to help you understand the complexity of measuring social impact, and find out how your organisation can achieve it
  • Exclusive case studies, developed by original and detailed conversations, exploring how leading businesses are measuring their social impact
  • A presentation of the series of different methodologies employed by the corporate and non-governmental sectors
  • Detailed analysis on the ongoing struggle in measuring social impact, and insight into how to succeed in developing a meaningful measurement method
  • Explanation of how effective social measurement can actually become a real source of competitive advantage and trust

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Case studies - Innovative strategies - A complete overview

In-depth case studies

Climate Care
Microloan Foundation


pages of expertly-crafted intelligence to help you develop your social impact measurement


in-depth and original case studies to provide vital, relevant lessons


industry experts involved in and contributed to the report

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Case studies - Innovative strategies - A complete overview

What’s included in the report

  1. Introduction03
  2. The Roundtable for Product Social Metrics05
    • BMW: the social impact of tyres06
    • Steelcase and DSM: learning lessons from furniture06
  3. PwC: Total Impact Measurement09
  4. ARM, UNICEF and Literacy Bridge: philanthropy 2.014
  5. The MicroLoan Foundation: Social Performance Management19
  6. Aviva and ClimateCare: measuring the social value of carbon offsets22
  7. AkzoNobel: measuring impact in 4D25
  8. Towards social impact28

For a more detailed look at what’s in the full report, take a look at the Contents page.

Download the selected findings

Sample analysis pages - Full contents breakdown - Executive summary

The “Monitoring Social Impact” report represents essential business intelligence for any company serious about being a compliant, socially-responsible organisation. This report provides the tools, experience and advice to bridge the gap between the current standard and the ideal business model expected by external stakeholders and professionals serious about operational responsibility.

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