How We Collected Our Research...

As a key part of the research for this report, the writing team conducted in-depth interviews with leading industry experts. These included corporate executives at leading companies such as GE, Gap, Procter and Gamble and Southwest Airlines who explained how social media had altered their communications strategies. The team spoke to leading activists including Greenpeace, MoxyVote and 38 Degrees to get their perspective on the use of social media in campaigning. Finally social media and communications experts from, for example, Conversocial, Engage121 and Polecat were interviewed for their analysis of the ways social media is changing how companies engage with stakeholders.

Based on extensive background research into emerging trends, the team devised a survey, exclusive to this report, sent to senior manager and executives in the Ethical Corporation and Useful Social Media communities, that gives a snapshot into how their companies are engaged with social media's challenges and opportunities.

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