Discover the benefits of an integrated approach to Life Cycle Management

The concept of social legacy planning is a relatively new one to the extractives industry, but is one that holds the key to a greater level of sustainable development, not only for governments, communities and civil society, but for companies themselves too.

This report has been created specifically for sector professionals in order to expedite the process of establishing more responsible, efficient and generally beneficial operations. 

  • Learn how to create a comprehensive social legacy strategy with the input and consideration of communities and other external stakeholders, and how that can deliver tangible benefits for your company
  • Gain internal buy-in and win support with a comprehensive business case supported by ICMM and IPIECA
  • Learn the dos and don'ts of developing a  strategy: 9 in-depth case studies concerning the likes of Angkor, GoldCorp, Anglo American and others encapsulate industry experience to date and provide vital and relevant lessons
  • Get expert insight from a range of stakeholders, including; corporate professionals, consultants, NGOs and academics
  • Receive a complete overview of the issues, themes and challenges surrounding social legacy planning
‚ÄúThis is a well-written and concise report on social impact and legacy planning for the extractives sector, with valuable case studies and well-informed guidance that will be useful in many contexts. The case studies pass on important considerations which are valuable lessons for any extractives project regardless of whether the project is in initial exploration phase, construction, operation, expansion or closure.‚ÄĚ

- Claire Esbenshade, Corporate Responsibility Specialist, ArcelorMittal

case studies which provide vital and relevant lessons


pages of analysis and insight to help you construct your responsible strategy


representatives from leading mining, oil and gas companies interviewed for the report

In-depth case studies

This intelligence report contains 8 4-6 page case studies - comprised through exclusive industry interviews and hours of desk research - which detail how these companies have developed a Licence to Legacy strategy, and improved their social & environemental impact.

‚ÄúI agree that this is an important topic for discussion. It is helpful to me to see what the state of play is, and help focus our thinking on this as a company‚ÄĚ

- Ed Opitz, Vice-President, Corporate Responsibility, Kinross Gold
Kinross Gold

What's included in the report

A quick breakdown:

Executive Summary... 2
Table of Contents... 3
About Ethical Corporation / the author... 5
Methodology... 7
Acknowledgments... 8
1. Introduction... 9
2. Best practice, legislative & regulartory environment... 13
3. The benefits of social legacy planning... 24
4. The challenges of social legacy planning... 31
5. Case studies... 34
6. Conclusions... 62

For a more detailed look at the intelligence you can expect from the report, have a look at the full contents page

The Licence to Legacy report represents a great opportunity for any extractives organisation looking to make a real difference to their social and environmental impact. With detailed industry experience, a solid business case, and actionable strategic insight & advice, the intelligence provided inside is not only comprehensive, but essential too.

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  • A business case outlining the positive nature of a "Licence to Legacy" approach to strengthen your own approach
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