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Learn how to develop your company’s emissions trading and offsetting strategy

This practical guide contains case studies from 13 multi-national companies, across several industries. This report has everything you need to develop your company's emissions trading and offsetting strategy.

This report will help you:

  • Understand why you should get involved in carbon trading, for strategic and regulatory reasons;
  • Know all the necessary technical terms, and their practical significance to you;
  • Receive a review of all the available emission trading and offsetting mechanisms, including voluntary exchanges, the JI and CDM, and retail offset providers;
  • Have clear guidelines for reporting your emissions transactions - current practice and what stakeholders actually expect.

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In Section 1, over the course of four chapters, we'll provide you with step by step guidelines on everything from deciding whether trading or offsetting will work for you, to how and where to report the transaction you're making.

Section 2 features 13 in-depth case studies from companies that are currently involved in emissions trading schemes or are buying offsets. They'll outline exactly how they made their most important decisions and why their particular strategy has worked for them.

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Essential strategies for effective emissions trading and offsetting
Selected Findings
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Essential Strategies for Effective Emissions Trading and Offsetting
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