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How to embed sustainability and corporate responsibility in management processes

  • Plan for long term success - You will receive in-depth analysis on how leading CR companies have developed and embedded sustainability strategies that give them the competitive edge both now and in the future
  • Make sure your initiatives succeed first time - Difficulties can lie with having to experiment with what CR initiatives will work for your company. You will receive detailed case studies of how the likes of; Unilever, Walmart, Marks & Spencer, IBM have researched, developed and implemented CR within their companies - you can apply the ideas that work for you and your company
  • Sell the benefits of CR internally - Featured throughout the report are detailed business cases on how respondents have built the business case for CR initiatives. You'll receive facts and figures to help bring the business case to life and a simple checklist to help drive the value it creates
  • Identify new business opportunities - Our analysis highlights how many companies have discovered new markets for their products. Discover how embedding sustainability has helped them do this and how it can do the same for you
  • Successfully embed sustainability throughout your company - Discover how CR will affect your company's governance, R&D, value chain, in HR, in internal processes and the wider community. You'll receive proven tools and methods that will help you plan and integrate CR into these core areas.
  • Save money and time - this document has taken months and a lot of £££s to research, meaning you don't have to.