Find out how to implement a circular approach to your own business model, realise new business opportunities, and save money as you do

As external pressures increase, businesses are increasingly concerned with embracing the circular economy, but there's very little practical and actionable advice available to organisations seeking to evolve their model whilst maintaining - or even increasing - profitability. This report will help businesses to embrace the circular economy, and unlock the myriad benefits - both short-term and long-term - on offer.

  • Create an innovative, profitable strategy that improves your environmental & social impact
  • Get practicable insight and a cross-industry perspective: unlike other reports, this report provides in-depth case studies demonstrating how Maersk Line, Patagonia, BT, Hewlett Packard, Jaguar Land Rover and others are benefiting from a circular approach
  • How to make it work for your business: actionable insight and a comprehensive business case to mould your own strategy by
  • Receive a complete overview of the legislative and regulatory environment, as well as the issues, themes and challenges presented
  • Proven ideas and strategies to take to your board and peers: benefit from additional expert insight from a range of stakeholders, including corporate professionals, consultants, academics, and policymakers.
“This report succinctly builds on previous work on the circular economy without much repetition, and highlights real action by real companies”

- Kirstie McIntyre, Worldwide Director of Environmental Operations, HP
HP (Hewlett Packard)

What you will receive

The concept of actually implementing a circular approach to business remains quite an abstract one for many CSR practitioners, but with this report, you can learn how to do just that. With case studies documenting industry experience to date, expert overviews and expert insight from a range of stakeholders, this report is invaluable to the sustainability professional serious about making a quantitative difference to their company's operations. Inside is;

  • A definitive overview of the financial and competitive advantages that your business can gain by embracing the circular economy.
  • 8 In-depth case studies from leading companies, including BTPatagoniaHPJaguar Land Rover and more
  • Hear how these organizations overcame institutional, logistical and internal obstacles and have reaped the rewards of greater circularity.
  • How to formulate an Action Plan in order to apply these learnings to your own business model: understand how to leverage opportunities presented by supply chain collaboration, stakeholder engagement & clearer internal communication for internal buy-in.
  • Additional expert insight from a range of stakeholders including corporate professionals, consultants, academics, and policymakers.


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In-depth case studies

This intelligence report contains 8 in-depth case studies - comprised through exclusive industry interviews and hours of desk research - which detail how these companies have developed a circular business strategy, and improved their social & environemental impact.


pages of analysis and insight to help you in constructing your own responsible strategy


case studies which provide vital and relevant lessons


representatives from some of the world’s leading organisations interviewed for the report

“This report showcases some great examples of leadership across the globe and demonstrates that embracing the circular economy brings wealth and prosperity today as well as in the future.”

- Simon Graham, Environmental Strategist, Commercial Group
Commercial Group
“For any businesses interested in gaining an informed understanding into what the circular economy truly is, and learning from the experience of businesses which have already embraced and are successfully operating to the principles of the circular economy, this report is a must read.”

- Tom Szaky, CEO and Founder, TerraCycle

What's included in the report

A quick breakdown:

  • Executive Summary...2
  • Table of contents...3
  • About Ethical Corporation...4
  • About the author – Sam Phipps...5
  • Methodology and preface...6
  • Acknowledgements...8
  • 1. Introduction...9
  • 2. Legislative and regulatory environment...16
  • 3. The business case...21
  • 4. How to make it work for your business...28
  • 5. Case studies...33
  • 6. Conclusions...70

For a more detailed look at the intelligence you can expect from the report, have a look at the full contents page.

The Circular Economy 2015 Report represents essential intelligence for any progressive and environmentally-conscious organisation. Far from skirting around the subject, this report provides practiceable strategic insight and advice that - when implemented - will make a real difference to your social & environmental impact.

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“Making the Circular Economy Work for your Business” provides compelling reasons and a how-to approach for businesses of all types and sizes to transition to a circular business model and begin realizing the benefits.”

- Tom Okrasinski, Senior Manager, Alcatel-Lucent

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